Feng Shui 101 Slide Show PowerPoint CD.

“Hey James,
I just wanted to let you know I finished doing my 2nd presentation with the
Power Point I bought from you. It is fabulous….I love it, it makes
speaking so much easier. And I’m sure, much less boring for the audience to
have to listen to.
Thanks again I love it!!” Jenny Chang, Reno, Nevada.

This program is perfect to present to groups in order to build your clientelle. It contains loads of information about the meaning of Feng Shui, a room by room analysis with handy tips for the beginner. It explains the BaGua and how to use it. It can be as short as a 60 minute presentation or expanded to a full workshop. Everything is explained in the instructional video tutorial included with the program.

You don’t even need fancy equipment to deliver the material…just a laptop, smartphone, tablet or other device will do.

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“Dear James,

I just taught my first class! The program REALLY helped me to prepare what to say and how to address the group in a very efficient way. I reviewed the video several times and the key factors were laid out so well that I was able to deliver a compelling presentation with your materials.

Many thanks as always. I think your way of helping your former students has really, really made a great and positive impact on my career in Feng Shui”.

Rhonna Del-Rio-Ascolese, Assoc. AIA, Architect and Feng Shui Professional.

“Thanks so much James. Have been giving presentations at a local college for an Adult Enrichment class. This program has been a blessing!

Previous classes have been successful so branching out into more individualized subjects on Feng Shui so I am adding to the program.¬†Thanks for providing a great educational tool!”

Leslie Eckert, CFSP

Click here to purchase and download the CD files instantly.