Finally! A Step by Step Ebook Guide to Performing Feng Shui Joss Paper Ceremonies and the Secrets Uncovered Through One Woman's Fascinating Journey.

Travel along with Helen Jay as she chronicles her journeys through sacred sites in China and the United States, learning the ancient art of Joss Paper Ceremonies. Helen weaves a facinating tale of her adventures with the vast history and practical uses of Joss rituals and experiences with her personal teachers.


Joss Papers - A Feng Shui Journey by Helen Jay

Joss Papers – A Feng Shui Journey Ebook by Helen Jay

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Helen Jay’s book is filled with rare and insightful information about a little known (in the western world) ancient practice of Joss paper rituals. Woven through the story of her 20-year odyssey of experiences with her teachers and travels are step by step detailed instructions for several Joss Rituals.

Her story will take you on a journey to remote sacred sites in China that few in the West have encountered while learning about a powerful way of creating ritual and invoking change in your life.

What People Are Saying

“Reading Helen Jay’s Joss Papers: A Feng Shui Journey is like lighting the two red offering candles in the joss parcels—such bright joy and auspicious happiness!—as she takes our hands on her thrilling travels in China.  Her enthusiasm, devotion and passion are contagious and I feel so lucky to read (and re-read!) this book.

Bless Helen Jay, her teachers, and her teacher’s teachers’ oral transmissions all the way back for thousands of years so that now here in the 21st century we can all partake in the power and beauty of these joss paper offerings—such an exhilarating gift!”

Gwynne Warner

“I highly recommend the ebook “Joss Papers – A Feng Shui Journey” by Helen Jay. Helen takes us on an odyssey through China and her book reads like a travelogue, but at the same time, contains complete information on the history and use of Joss Paper ceremonies. It is a must for anyone interested in Chinese culture, Feng Shui or spirituality in general. Don’t miss this gem!” Brenni Larson, Feng Shui Messenger, Brainerd, MN

“I found the book “Joss Papers – A Feng Shui Journey” very interesting and amazing. I did not know about the existence of joss papers and I loved reading this book. It is very well written and easy to understand. I suggest one reads it to discover something unusual and worthwhile. I really want to thank the author, Helen Jay.” Alba Angiola, Author, “Feng Shui A Manual for Beginners” Bari, Italy

In this Ebook You will:

  • Learn the Fascinating History of Joss Paper Use.

  • Learn How and Why to Use Particular Joss Rituals.

  • Learn Ceremonies for Powerful Space Clearing.

  • Learn Ceremonies for Harmonious Relationships and Abundance.

  • Learn Ceremonies for Vibrant Health and Longevity.

  • Learn Ceremonies for Peace and Safety.

Ebook Joss Papers - A Feng Shui Journey
Ebook Joss Papers - A Feng Shui Journey
A Step by Step Ebook Guide to Performing Feng Shui Joss Paper Ceremonies.
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